Carlos Barraza

Carlos Barraza is a career public servant who believes in the importance of an independent judiciary that must be judicial, not political. A resident of Chester County since 2003, Carlos is a devoted father of three who has chosen Chester County as the place to raise his family. Carlos has spent the past 18 years as a member of the Chester County District Attorney’s office, currently holding the position of Senior Deputy District Attorney, distinguishing himself through his dedication, experience, and integrity.

Carlos has spent his entire career as a prosecutor, dedicated to fighting for victims, bringing people to justice, and improving the community. His experience prosecuting the most serious cases and his commitment to helping victims have earned him recognition, including the prestigious 2015 Prosecutor of the Year award. His integrity in handling these cases and training members of the District Attorney’s Office has earned him the respect of his peers, law enforcement, victims, and the defense bar. Carlos now seeks to continue his work for the people of Chester County as a Judge of the Court of Common Pleas.

Carlos became a naturalized citizen in 2011, and his formative years growing up in Mexico give him a unique perspective on the American justice system. Carlos appreciates the American system’s unique strengths and weaknesses from a point of view that can, at times, only come from one with experience as an outsider. Carlos is a native and fluent Spanish speaker, which has allowed him the advantageous position of communicating with victims, witnesses, and members of the community at large, bridging the gap between law enforcement and segments of society often left without a voice. Carlos knows that the American justice system’s strength comes from the respect for the rule of law and the ideals of justice and equality for all.

In his 18 years as a prosecutor, Carlos has handled thousands of cases ranging from DUI to domestic violence to sexual assault to murder. Carlos has conducted over 80 jury trials, 15 bench trials and hundreds of hearings before various judges. Carlos has spent his entire career in a courtroom, meaning he understands the importance the Court of Common Pleas plays in everyday citizens’ lives. All of us know someone involved in an unfortunate car accident, a child custody case, a contract dispute, or have had a friend or family member arrested and charged with a crime. With Carlos as a Judge of the Court of Common Pleas, the citizens of Chester County will have someone with experience in making difficult decisions and who knows the effect these decisions have on people’s lives. More importantly, Carlos has the background and perspective to evaluate every case and render every decision fairly, objectively, and with equality.

Carlos would bring his unique background and perspective, combined with his unwavering dedication to service, his experience handling the most difficult cases, and his integrity for deciding matters with fairness and equality to the Chester County Court of Common Pleas.

Prosecutor of the Year Ceremony